Robert is a quiet, mild mannered Clark County resident in his early 60’s.  He loves being around horses, listening to the radio and watching old western movies and shows like The Searchers, Stagecoach, and GunsmokeRobert, who is intellectually challenged, lives with his sister, Alice, and his brother-in-law.  Robert’s father, whose health is declining, also lives with them.  This family’s strength has been incredible as they have coped with two loved ones’ health problems at the same time.  His family is committed to keeping Robert at home.  Robert’s condition doesn’t allow Alice to leave him home alone for an extended period of time.

Having heard about Foothills’ adult day care program, Alice and Robert knew the program would solve their dilemma.  It was a great fit.  The first day at the center, she was reassured that Robert would receive high-quality care in a socially stimulating environment.  While he’s at the center, which he calls ‘school’, Alice knows that Robert is in good hands.

For nearly two decades Foothills has been providing respite through the Powell Adult Day Care to primary caregivers of persons over age 21 who are physically, mentally, or socially limited and require personalized care and attention.  For many caregivers, Foothills Adult Day Center is an important source of support and peace of mind. Payment is based on a sliding fee scale and may be paid by Medicaid. A nurse monitors medical needs and oversees medications.

Robert engages with other participants and staff members in a number of activities, from seated exercise, to music, and participating in art projects.  He enjoys conversation, coloring, playing games like Sequence and Checkers, and enjoying individual quiet time. He looks forward to pizza and birthday parties and loves having his picture made.  He likes watching The Price Is Right and Green Acres every day.  He helps feed the fish at the center.  He always goes on center field trips to places like the zoo, the pumpkin patch, attending local parades and loves playing Bingo at the Powell Senior Center.  Last year he was able to attend Youth Haven – an overnight camp that featured horses.

“Robert is a wonderful addition to our Adult Day family,” said Kristina, center director.  “Since Robert started coming to the center, he seems calmer, his mood is upbeat and he smiles more.  He lights up the place!”  In addition to a daily schedule of activities, center staff provide high-level care based on the participants’ needs.  Clients like Robert are given personal attention that makes them feel valued and respected.  “I’ve met some really good friends here,” said Robert, “I look forward to seeing them every day.”

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