Here is how the application process for the Eastern Scholar House Program will work:

1. All applicants will complete a written ESHP Interest Questionnaire (link below) that is used to gather basic information about applicants and to confirm where they will fit on the prioritization list for the program. Single parents pursuing 4 year college degrees who have preschool age children who will be enrolled full-time in the Scholar House Child Care Center will receive first priority to admission to the Scholar House Program.

2. Applicants meeting the first priority for admission into the Scholar House Program will be offered interviews with the Scholar House staff to determine their willingness to participate, and succeed, in the program. The following items (link below) will be required at the time of the scheduled interview. In summary this is what will be evaluated through the application and interviews:

  • Are you at least 18 years of age?
  • Are you a single parent with primary custody of your child/children?
  • Are you a full-time student or have been admitted for full-time enrollment in an approved post-secondary institution?
  • Are you willing to meet monthly with a Scholar House case manager to develop (and later monitor progress on) an Individualized Service Plan?
  • Are you willing to enroll your children under the age of 5 in Scholar House Child Development Center?
  • Are you eligible for Section 8 subsidized housing?
  • Are you willing to attend monthly life skills workshops and meetings to achieve your educational goals resulting in self-sufficiency?
  • Are you willing to either work or participate in approved volunteer experience while enrolled in the Scholar House Program?



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