The most important way in which governance is shared with Head Start parents is through the Head Start Policy Council. The policy council has important responsibilities for planning for the Head Start program, for policies involving the recruitment and enrollment of children, for self assessment of the program, for approving or disapproving of the Head Start budget, for the development of all Head Start program operation policies, and for serving as a link to the governing board of directors, to the parent committees at the Head Start centers, and to the community at large. The Policy Council works in partnership with KRFDC Board of Directors in the development and approval of policies and procedures associated with grant applications, program planning, selection of participating agencies, and the assessment of the program’s strengths and challenges.

A minimum of 51% of Head Start Policy Council members are parents of children currently enrolled in the program. In addition, the Policy Council has community representatives who may have formerly had children enrolled in the program or serve as representatives of local service agencies from the private and public sector.

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