Kentucky River Foothills Development Council received a $2,460,556 grant from the Administration for Children and Families to expand their high quality learning program to toddlers through their Head Start program.  This grant will allow Foothills to expand its comprehensive services to the 96 children they serve in Laurel County.  Operating hours were 6hrs daily Monday-Thursday.  This grant has allowed the program to operate five days per week as well as increasing the total number of days per year to 170 school days.

To aide in this transition, Foothills was able to purchase two new 34 passenger buses.

Head Start’s mission is to promote the school readiness of young children from low-income families.  Research suggests that having high-quality, full school day and full school year care is vital for children in low income households to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

Head Start family members are encouraged to be involved in activities and educational experiences that will help foster a lifetime of commitment to quality education.  Head Start promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, and motor development to enrolled children and families.  KRFDC values partnerships and works with community agencies to provide additional services and resources to parents and children.

Head Start works to meet each child’s individual needs.  Through this early socialization and educational experience, children who attend Head Start and Early Head Start are better equipped and prepared for school success.

“Foothills is thrilled to expand our services in Laurel County,” said Ashley Overbay, Head Start Center Director.  “This is great news because it means our children will receive additional programming.”

This duration funding was made available under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016.

“Transportation has been identified as one of the greatest barriers to families trying to move out of poverty,” said Overbay.  “These two new buses will remove those barriers.”

Foothills’ Head Start services (3-4 year olds) are provided in Clark, Estill, Garrard, Jackson, Laurel, Madison, Powell, and Rockcastle counties.  Early Head Start (birth to 3) services are provided in Clark, Estill, Madison, and Powell counties.

To learn more about Foothills’ Head Start program, including how to enroll and eligibility requirements, click here. 

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