The Madison County to Lexington Commuter Route provides commuter service to different locations in the Lexington area. In a partnership between KRFDC and the KY Office of Transportation Delivery, a preset route is established to assist employees in getting to their workplace. The route is preset and established by KRFDC. The route begins at the Meijer parking lot in a prearranged parking area. The route is displayed in the buses and available in print. Any changes in the route will require a 30 day notice to the riders.

The Madison County to Lexington schedule is as follows: 
6:30 am Leave Meijer Parking Lot (fuel side)
6:55 am Drop off at Industry Road/Winchester Road
7:05 am Drop off Downtown – Martin Luther King, Jr./Main Street
7:10 am Drop off at VA Hospital – Rear Entrance
7:150 am Drop off at UK Hospital – Employee Entrance
7:30 am Drop off at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital

4:30 pm Pick up at Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
4:45 pm Pick up at VA Hospital – Rear Entrance
4:50 pm Pick up at UK Hospital – Employee Entrance
5:00 pm Pick up at Downtown – Martin Luther King, Jr./Main Street
5:15 pm Pick up at Industry Road/Winchester Road

Monthly Fee
Riders on the JARC Service pay $50 per month. The $50 is due by the fifth working day of each month. If a person does not make that payment on time, they will need to contact KRFDC staff to confirm that a seat will be available for them. This will require a 48 hour notice (two working days). The $50 will be expected the day they return to the bus and only cover the rest of the month. There will not be a refund for unused days. There will not be an extra charge for months with more than 20 working days included. Riders can cease to ride at anytime.

Riders will be asked to complete a registration form to be kept on hand. They will complete a new registration form each July. It is important that staff have contact information for the riders, as well as their emergency contacts. KRFDC is committed to providing a 30 day notice for any changes to the route costs or schedule. KRFDC’s participation is contingent upon funding from KY Office of Transportation Delivery.

Daily Needs
If you miss the bus in the mornings, please contact dispatch if you plan to ride back in the evening. If you have a large item you need to transport, please ask staff prior to bringing it on board. The deciding factor will be how the item can be secured without affecting other riders. The buses are not currently fit for bicycles.

Inclement Weather
During inclement weather, mostly winter months, the decision to run the route will follow the decision of the Madison Co. School System. The decision is made each day by 5:30 am. The information is broadcast on TV and radio stations. When severe weather develops during the middle of the day, all riders will be contacted by dispatch or they can contact dispatch if their employer is going to dismiss early. Every attempt will be made to bring riders back to Richmond as planned.

Riders are encouraged to let KRFDC know how the routes are working and if there are suggestions for improving the routes. They can be addressed by calling the office or by e-mail to Will Hudson.

For more information contact:
309 Spangler Drive
Richmond, KY 40475
1-800-819-7083 or 859/744-3900

The Madison County to Lexington Commuter Route is funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation and is passed through the Commonwealth of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Transportation Delivery.

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