The first thing you notice about Stephanie is her bright eyes. She’s imaginative and thoughtful; and in many ways a typical woman in her mid-twenties. She enjoys reading and watching Netflix. Some of her favorite books include The Harry Potter Series, The Twilight Saga, and The Shadowhunter Chronicles. One of her favorite shows is NCIS. She also enjoys shopping. Recently she’s taken up writing Fanfiction – her new favorite hobby. Fanfiction writers take either the story or characters (or both) of a certain piece of work, whether it be a novel, TV show, or movie, and create their own story based on it. Stephanie always has her laptop with her; and has written seven stories so far.

“I have a huge imagination,” she said, “and writing helps me express myself.”

Stephanie has epilepsy and suffers frequent seizures. Unable to stay alone, she started attending the Powell Adult Day Care in 2015.

“It sounded fun,” explained Stephanie, who heard about the program from a neighbor who was also attending the center. “I was just sitting in the house not talking to anyone,” she said.

After a brief visit, she knew this was the right place for her. Since 1999 Foothills has been providing respite through the Powell Adult Day Care to primary caregivers of persons over age 21 who are physically, mentally, or socially limited and require personalized care and attention. Payment is based on a sliding fee scale and may be paid by Medicaid. A nurse monitors medical needs and oversees medications. Three days a week Stephanie attends the center and receives high-quality care in a socially stimulating environment. She engages with other participants and staff members in a number of activities, from seated exercise, to music, and participating in art projects. She also enjoys conversation, playing cards, solving puzzles, and enjoying individual quiet time. In addition to a daily schedule of activities, center staff provide high-level care based on the participant’s needs.

Clients like Stephanie are given personal attention that makes them feel valued and respected. Because she doesn’t drive, Stephanie travels to the adult day care using Foothills Express, the agency’s public transportation program. For her mother, Barbara, the center is an important source of support and peace of mind. She knows that her daughter is having fun and that her health is in good hands. Hearing from Stephanie that it’s been “a good day” helps her mom a lot. Since coming to the center, Stephanie’s mood is upbeat and she smiles more. She feels supported, has made friends, and no longer feels isolated.

“The program and the people who run it are wonderful,” said Stephanie. “I look forward to coming to the center. They make me feel special here.”

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