Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Inc. is committed to the promise of helping people and changing lives. KRFDC has a long history of community improvement and promoting self-sufficiency among the area’s low income population. Founded in Winchester, KY in 1962, the agency received designation as a community action agency two years later.

KRFDC embraces a philosophy of needs-based strategies and family-based services leading to family self-sufficiency and economic self-reliance. The agency provides a comprehensive range of services for families and individuals.

The agency employs over 300 people who represent a highly skilled, professional team of program administrators, teachers, social workers, counselors, transportation drivers, and health care providers. KRFDC is governed by a volunteer corporate board of directors whose members are active in community service. Staff are guided by Executive Director/CEO Brian Mullins, MBA.

Service Area
KRFDC primarily serves four central Kentucky counties. Our core service area is Clark, Estill, Madison, and Powell Counties. Additionally, Head Start serves Clark, Estill, Madison, Powell, Garrard, Jackson, Laurel, and Rockcastle Counties.

Our Mission
Developing community resources so that all persons may have lives of dignity, responsibility and opportunity.

Our Slogan
Helping People. Changing Lives.

Our Vision
In a truly strong community, no family is expendable. KRFDC believes that communities must work together – in partnership – to enable all persons to live with dignity, responsibility and opportunity. To support this vision, KRFDC offers a myriad of services that promote stability and independence throughout the life cycle. KRFDC is Social Service Agency, providing services focused on improving individual’s general well-being.

The Promise of Community Action
Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

FY 2017-18 Funding
The KRFDC Proposed Budget for FY 2017-17 is $18,412,140.
$16,373,458 is grant revenue, $347,746 is local, and $3,789,316 is other.

The budgetary expenditures agency-wide include:
Salaries: $9,868,489
Fringe benefits: $3,830,502
Contractual: $183,861
Space: $798,819
Supplies: $552,859
Travel: $167,256
Direct Client Benefit: $3,596,906
Other (Client Expenses, etc.): $914,796
Depreciation: $396,359

Agency Information on GUIDESTAR.ORG

The Kentucky Nonprofit Best Practices Partnership 

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