Kentucky River Foothills Offers Aid for Summer Cooling Bills Starting July 16

Karen Atkins |

Beginning July 16, Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Inc. will accept applications for the Summer Subsidy Cooling segment of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The deadline for applications is September 13, 2024, or until funds are exhausted. The program aims to assist households in offsetting their electric expenses.

This assistance is specifically designated for electric bills. Households in Kentucky earning up to 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) may qualify for a one-time home electric benefit. Applicants must be responsible for home electric expenses, either directly or as part of rent. Previous assistance from LIHEAP does not impact eligibility for this segment.

The Subsidy component provides households with a one-time benefit ranging from $50 to $250, based on income levels and housing categories.

All LIHEAP funds are designated for household electric expenses and are disbursed directly to the electric vendor. Applicants must provide the following documents:

  • Electric bill or lease (if electric costs are included in rent).
  • Proof of Social Security Number or Permanent Residence card (Green Card) for each household member.
  • Documentation of all household income from the previous month.

LIHEAP operates on an appointment-based system. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 859-544-1713 or online at  Requests for assistance can also be made by contacting:

Residents outside KRFDC’s service region of Clark, Estill, Madison, and Powell counties can find their community action agency here:

Benefits:  Cooling- Electric only

Non-Subsidized Housing
Poverty Level Electric Benefit
0-38% $250.00
39-77% $225.00
78-115% $190.00
116-150% $160.00
Subsidized Housing
0-38% $50.00
39-77% $65.00
78-115% $83.00
116-150% $94.00


Income Guidelines

Household/ 1150% FPL
Family Size
1  $          1,883
2  $          2,555
3  $          3,228
4  $          3,900
5  $          4,573
6  $          5,245
7  $          5,918
8  $          6,590
9  $          7,263
10  $          7,935
11  $          8,608
12  $          9,280
13  $          9,953
14  $        10,625

For each household member over 14, add $673.00

LIHEAP is a statewide initiative sponsored by Community Action Kentucky Inc. in partnership with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) and is directly funded by the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.